Is Foundation Repair A DIY Project?

Foundation Repair BrickFoundation is the base layer of house which provides strong support to a home. The type of foundation always depends upon various facts like climate conditions, type of soil house made on and size of the home. Which part of country you are living in it also matters in subject to the foundation methods.

The most typical foundation method is slab foundation because it easy and less expensive. There are some other foundation types like basement foundation, crawl space foundation, pier and beam foundation and pile and spread foundation. But most likely used foundation types are slab, basement and crawl space foundation.

There are so many easy signs to identify the foundation repair like cracks in the foundation walls or interior drywall, sticky doorjambs and windows, leakages, slopping floors and water drainage systems failure. When you saw these various problems you need to act upon it quickly. Early foundations will ease the repair and lessen the expenditure. You should never attempt to do this alone – If you’re in the houston area, seek a professional like the gang Project Hope Foundations

You should know the signs and symptoms including the bowing and leaning walls, cracks on the floor and walls, foundation cracks, water stains and leakages. But you don’t know when foundation failure is imminent, only a professional structural engineer really knows how serious the problem of your foundation is. There is always special training required to recognize these types of problems and level of the seriousness.

Another reason you can’t do it yourself is that you don’t have the right tools to perform the foundation repair. There are many websites which offers you DIY kits to repair your foundation but in actual they just selling you crap. DIY is not putting some carbon fiber on a wall crack. Some foundation repairs require piering products which are very costly used to lift or level a foundation. Foundation repairs require epoxy injections performed under high pressure and require special equipment to complete. Sometimes you even require excavation to get the root of the area of the problem and again you really won’t know until you contact a foundation repair expert.

On a mission to do it yourself you may eventually end up with an injury or an additional damage to your home. If you are  influenced by any website or a kit which provides you step by step easy instructions through videos than it could be dangerous as you don’t have the skills required to do the job safely. In the end, its just wastage of time and money. 

It is understandable that you are trying to save some money by doing the repair thing by your own self but all you need is an experienced and reputable foundation repair expert. Contact our specialists that have the skills and equipment to perform the entire repair related to the foundation.  You can get a free estimate by just filling out the contact form.